How Long Does THC Stay In Your System: Vaping Vs. Smoking

Anybody who keeps up with the different developments in the world of cannabis and the culture surrounding it knows that vaporizing is a rapidly growing trend when it comes to consuming the lovely green plant. Advancements in the tech behind these vapes has allowed them to be designed as giant desktop machines as well as palm sized portable devices, and using them instead of your rolling papers or glass bongs comes with all sorts of benefits. Besides the advantages to your health, lots of people are enjoying vaporizing simply because it’s a way for them to medicate themselves throughout their day in almost any circumstances if they can just get ten minutes of privacy, and possibly even without that. If you recently discovered you might have to worry about a drug test for whatever reason and you were wondering how long does THC stay in your system if you only vape, then I’ve got some bad (or maybe neutral I guess?) news for you. There’s hardly any difference at all between vaporizing and smoking in regards to the detection of THC metabolites through different kinds of drug testing.

    Well How Long Does THC Stay In Your System In General?

The simplest response to that question is an annoyingly vague “that depends”. First of all, there are different kinds of drug tests, and the amount of time you need to abstain firstly depends on which test you face. The longest one is a hair test, closely followed by a urine test. Hair tests are particularly scary since even smoking just once could technically be detected by a diligent examiner for up to 90 days afterwards. Urine tests at least only require a couple weeks if you only smoke every week or so, but can take up to 80 days for really chronic stoners. Saliva and blood tests are the rarest kind, but if you have one coming up for some reason you might be pleased to hear that you generally only require about a week long break to skate by one of these tests, even for someone who smokes five times per day.

    “But Wait, There’s More!”

As the ghost of Billy Mays might say, there’s quite a bit more to keep in mind when asking the question of ‘how long does thc stay in your system?’. The frequency of your habit, the strains you smoke, your genetics, your total fat content, your diet, your kidney and liver health, and probably even more. If you want the highest chances of passing this drug test of yours, you’d better hope you know how to do solid research because it’s not exactly a simple matter.