Find Your Signature Style

Ever feel like you look like everyone else? A lot of people do. If you want to invest in your originality by updating your style and mentality, nothing is stopping you! has everything you need to remodel yourself for a great price. Feel good and look even better. Find a Banana Republic Factory coupon on Groupon today to save even more cash!

Finding your own style can be difficult at first, but Banana Republic Factory makes it easier. Some tips on choosing your exclusive look:

  1. Find a celebrity or other person whose style you appreciate and modify their look. Sure, you might feel like you’re copying, but you’re not. It’s a foundation upon which you can create your own thing!
  2. Pinterest is great for brainstorming how to use accessories and clothing. Peruse away and pin pictures you’d like to try out for yourself. Experimentation is the key, so don’t be afraid of making a fashion mistake. They are easily corrected, but if you never try something you’ll never know how it works for you.
  3. has online tools to make your look easy to attain. Be sure to check them out. Their customer service, sales, and wide variety of clothing options make your life more carefree as you venture out to find yourself.
  4. When you think you look awesome, take a selfie! Refer back to it for more ideas or to duplicate the awesomeness. Maybe even share with others to inspire them, too.
  5. What are you drawn to in terms of jewelry? Other accessories? Pick something you love and build your look around it. A signature piece can be the basis of all kinds of great ideas. Grace Kelley had capris. Audrey Hepburn wore cool flats. Follow their lead, as well as others’.
  6. Snap the losers, too. If you bomb a look, take note. Maybe don’t post the selfie, but definitely remember it to avoid the same mistakes.
  7. Know yourself. Are you curvy? Athletic? Slender? Knowing your physical type can help you to accentuate your look. There are certain styles and trends you’ll look best in. Ask around and try some looks until you find what rocks your bod. If you’re a little rebellious, too, know that personality trait and avoid ballet slippers. If you’re timid, maybe biker boots aren’t your thing.
  8. Balance everything out. Of course, if you’re not taking care of yourself emotionally and physically, no manner of style update or signature pieces will help you. Be sure to give yourself time to rest, exercise, eat well, and focus on the important things in life. Maintaining your mind and soul are just as important as maintaining your closet! can guide you as well.

Have fun on the journey, too! Don’t forget that important detail!